Trivial Pursuits No.2 and Wishing to Be Frida Kahlo

I was delighted to visit one of my dearest friends today in her house. This friend of mine has got to be one of the wisest and most graceful people I know; it’s a no-brainer that time spent with her is time well-spent.

Since I haven’t seen my friend for quite a while, we immediately found ourselves talking and talking and talking — a little eating, too. We basically just entertained each other with anecdotes from our lives. I felt like there was not enough time to talk about all the things I wanted to share with her, vice-versa.

We talked about everything under the sun: school life, her weird dream, my potential love gone wrong (as usual), and much more. 😀

We also watched videos of Blair Fowler giving a tour to her new condo — which was just, frankly, worthy of every single envy on my body. Oh, it was just too cool. Her space was small but she managed to make use of it smartly and efficiently. As I have observed, nothing felt like too tiny or cramped; everything was in its right place. I also loved the fact that she “recycles” furniture and she only bought quite a few number of it when she moved in to her new place.

I think I may have had a change of mind when it comes to condos (F.Y.I.: I’m a big believer that condominiums do not make for a great living environment.).

Here’s the video if you want to see for yourself:

My friend and I also watched some videos of D.I.Y. projects. Is it me or do these videos always proclaim that they are easy to do and can be done in a matter of minutes. Yeah, right. Like that ever applied to me. Unfortunately, as much as I’d like to be Frida Kahlo-esque, I’ve absolutely no talent when it comes to arts. This is a reality which I never cease to lament.

My friend is especially quite adept when it comes to arts, though. She’s always up for a new project. In fact, she has already made her first scrunchies. They were cute — as I held them in my hands, the song “Gwiyomi” played on my mind…


Anyway, to save myself some embarrassment, why don’t you make your own scrunchie, eh?

We also watched how to make your own bow ring and mustache necklace. Although I think the ribbon one was absolutely adorable, I still am kind of doubtful about the idea of trotting around a mustache necklace. Hmm. Maybe it’s because some of the most evil men in history sported mustaches? Think about it: Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin…

Anyway, I’m ruining the artsy atmosphere. The video:

The last video we watched — I had to go; it was about to rain — was about how to make your own statement bib necklace. I’ve always wanted to try bibs but it seems like I do not have any article of clothing that will match the look. Hmm.

So, that was my day and thank you for listening to me. Or bearing to listen to me.

Until next time.