“An Abundance…” Progress

Well, I’m on page 160-something now; near the end now.

Hmm. As far as my tipsy brain can remember, Colin and Lindsey have a little something going on now. I’d like to call it Sparks. Yes. With a capital S.

Please, allow me to define Sparks for you:

Sparks (noun/verb): not quite platonic love; not quite romantic love. Almost there but not quite. 

What a sucky definition.

Anyway, I was hoping that the Colin-Lindsey ship will get me all giddy but it just leaves a lot to be desired. And I find Lindsey bland so far. I don’t know. I don’t find her that lovable — unlike what those oldsters say. Hmm. I’ve still got a few pages to go and I hope my view of her will take a 360 degree turn. For the better.

Hmm. What else? I’m starting to have a little — just the teeniest bit — of affection for Colin. He just wants someone to love him and stick with him. I guess that’s not so hard to understand. And kudos to him for calling Katherine III — a.k.a The Most Forgettable (At least, for Colin) of All the 19 Katherines.

From where I’ve left, Colin and Hassan were being chased by a feral pig. Ooh. Sounds interesting.