Trivial Pursuits No.2 and Wishing to Be Frida Kahlo

I was delighted to visit one of my dearest friends today in her house. This friend of mine has got to be one of the wisest and most graceful people I know; it’s a no-brainer that time spent with her is time well-spent.

Since I haven’t seen my friend for quite a while, we immediately found ourselves talking and talking and talking — a little eating, too. We basically just entertained each other with anecdotes from our lives. I felt like there was not enough time to talk about all the things I wanted to share with her, vice-versa.

We talked about everything under the sun: school life, her weird dream, my potential love gone wrong (as usual), and much more. 😀

We also watched videos of Blair Fowler giving a tour to her new condo — which was just, frankly, worthy of every single envy on my body. Oh, it was just too cool. Her space was small but she managed to make use of it smartly and efficiently. As I have observed, nothing felt like too tiny or cramped; everything was in its right place. I also loved the fact that she “recycles” furniture and she only bought quite a few number of it when she moved in to her new place.

I think I may have had a change of mind when it comes to condos (F.Y.I.: I’m a big believer that condominiums do not make for a great living environment.).

Here’s the video if you want to see for yourself:

My friend and I also watched some videos of D.I.Y. projects. Is it me or do these videos always proclaim that they are easy to do and can be done in a matter of minutes. Yeah, right. Like that ever applied to me. Unfortunately, as much as I’d like to be Frida Kahlo-esque, I’ve absolutely no talent when it comes to arts. This is a reality which I never cease to lament.

My friend is especially quite adept when it comes to arts, though. She’s always up for a new project. In fact, she has already made her first scrunchies. They were cute — as I held them in my hands, the song “Gwiyomi” played on my mind…


Anyway, to save myself some embarrassment, why don’t you make your own scrunchie, eh?

We also watched how to make your own bow ring and mustache necklace. Although I think the ribbon one was absolutely adorable, I still am kind of doubtful about the idea of trotting around a mustache necklace. Hmm. Maybe it’s because some of the most evil men in history sported mustaches? Think about it: Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin…

Anyway, I’m ruining the artsy atmosphere. The video:

The last video we watched — I had to go; it was about to rain — was about how to make your own statement bib necklace. I’ve always wanted to try bibs but it seems like I do not have any article of clothing that will match the look. Hmm.

So, that was my day and thank you for listening to me. Or bearing to listen to me.

Until next time.




“An Abundance…” Finished(!)

Before I ramble on about Katherines, let me first tell you that I woke up today better than expected — considering that my brain was alcohol-ridden last night.

Really better than expected. I thought that I was going to be in bed for half the day. Which, fortunately, didn’t happen. In fact, I woke up at 10 A.M. and found my head incredibly clear. Sigh. Relief. Anyway, I even managed to finish Katherines right after waking up and taking a bath.

So, Katherines: I had been expecting more from this. Although the witty John Green style of writing is still there, it is, in no way, near The Fault in Our Stars good. Okay, fine. Maybe I’m a little biased because The Fault was just so good. And quotable (Haha!).

But still. The plot was uninspired and the main characters leave a lot to be desired. I can honestly say that none of the main characters really grew on me. Although there were some scenes that were good, it kind of drags on and on and on.

In addition, there was just too much Katherines! FINE! I know, I know. That’s supposed to be the point of An Abundance…: It was all about the 19 Katherines who dumped Colin. At one point, you’ll just find yourself thinking, “Who the hell dates 19 girls with the same name?!?”

The Colin + Lindsey ship… nah.

Did I also mention that the mathematics part of this book really annoyed me? And confused me. Even if I am curious as to how exactly you can calculate the longevity of romantic relationships into graphs and formulas and whatever, I just don’t think it’s a good idea to incorporate it in a book. That’s a difficult task per se but to make a whole story revolving around it… hmm. Maybe next time?

If anything, An Abundance… has taught me that mathematics and love should be entirely separate entities.(I’d like to think I’m good at both but, in reality, I’m just really delusional.) Both are already complicated in themselves. By combining the two in a book, it just leaves one confused. And feeling some sort of remorse for sucking at math.

So, to conclude:

  1. Don’t be obsessed with your former flames.
  2. Don’t monopolize your dating life to dating people with the same name over and over again.
  3. Math and love. Never again. Unless you’ve got some fetish for it.



“An Abundance…” Progress

Well, I’m on page 160-something now; near the end now.

Hmm. As far as my tipsy brain can remember, Colin and Lindsey have a little something going on now. I’d like to call it Sparks. Yes. With a capital S.

Please, allow me to define Sparks for you:

Sparks (noun/verb): not quite platonic love; not quite romantic love. Almost there but not quite. 

What a sucky definition.

Anyway, I was hoping that the Colin-Lindsey ship will get me all giddy but it just leaves a lot to be desired. And I find Lindsey bland so far. I don’t know. I don’t find her that lovable — unlike what those oldsters say. Hmm. I’ve still got a few pages to go and I hope my view of her will take a 360 degree turn. For the better.

Hmm. What else? I’m starting to have a little — just the teeniest bit — of affection for Colin. He just wants someone to love him and stick with him. I guess that’s not so hard to understand. And kudos to him for calling Katherine III — a.k.a The Most Forgettable (At least, for Colin) of All the 19 Katherines.

From where I’ve left, Colin and Hassan were being chased by a feral pig. Ooh. Sounds interesting.

Trivial Pursuits

So, today, my friends (Elmo, Margotte, and Estrella) and I finally(!) decided to engage in some form of physical activity. And so we played badminton. I was initially wary to join them — blame it on my passionate love affair with sleeping — but they finally convinced me by: (1) saying that I needed the exercise anyway and that (2) I will take up badminton for physical education next school year and I should hone my skills — or lack thereof.

A word or two about badminton: I suck at it. Well, not in the sense that I can’t hit the shuttlecock or serve but I definitely need a lot of training. A lot. My friends were kind enough to give me some pointers. My friend, Elmo, who is one of the best badminton players I’ve met, had enough patience to work with me on my smash.

I believe that the only thing I’ve smashed was my head.


We finished playing just before noon. Afterward, we were at a lost on what to do next. Not one of us was willing to lend his/her place in sacrifice (hehehe) of a pig-out afternoon. Also, it was sweltering and we all just wanted to go home and catch up on some zzz’s. Except for Elmo. He didn’t want to home just yet. He was hesitant to do so because he had only two weeks until he goes to university and wanted to enjoy every last possible moment of his remaining days of vacation. With his persuasive reasoning, we finally agreed to meet up later at 3:00 P.M. and watch movies. The time in between that, we will use for eating, resting, refreshing, etc.

At home, I ate and slept (predictably) and even squeezed in a little bath. Elmo then called me to tell that Margotte was already there (Estrella was a no-show.) and that I should probably go. I made a dash for their home and was promptly informed that we were going to watch “Battle Royale” and “Jeepers Creepers”

The first movie we watched: “Battle Royale”

The first movie we watched was “Battle Royale”. A Japanese movie about 42 students ordered to kill of one another until there is only one survivor left, “Battle Royale” sparked controversy with its graphic scenes of violence and death. But like any other controversy, it piqued people’s interest, therefore becoming one of the most successful Japanese films of all time.

“Battle Royale” was a fairly good film for me. By the way, Margotte loved it. What with her affinity for all things Japanese. However, throughout the course of the whole film, I couldn’t help but make comparisons between BR and THG (“The Hunger Games”) by Suzanne Collins. Although BR was released years before THG, I kept expecting that Katniss will kill someone sooner or later. There was actually a scene where this guy shoots this person with his bow and arrow and I was all, like, “What! That bow and arrow wasn’t even impressive.”

The only thing I hated about BR was that asshole teacher who was…. dickier (new word, huh) than a dick. I fervently hoped for his demise. And I did get it. Only it wasn’t gruesome enough. I was thinking of… Reverse Bear Trap, maybe?

Ooh. It was also interesting to see Chiaki Kuriyama in her pre-Kill Bill days. As you may or may not remember, Chiaki played Gogo Yubari in the first volume of “Kill Bill”. I wonder if she has some penchant (or is it simply coincidence?) for playing characters that eventually get killed off after giving viewers the countenance of someone who’s cunning enough to escape death? Hmm.

The next movie we watched was “Jeepers Creepers”. The movie centers around siblings Darry and Trish as they try to escape a ruthless ancient immortal demon who eats humans every twenty-three years for twenty-three days. What ensues is chaos and lots of screaming.

File:Jeepers Creepers film.jpg

Second movie: “Jeepers Creepers”

Lots of screaming on my part, too, definitely. Ugh. I had enough insight to know that when Elmo asked me if I have ever watched “Jeepers Creepers”, he (along with Margotte) wanted to see me scream my lungs out. I always do that when watching horror/thriller/suspense films. Propriety demands that I be silent but… what the hell. I even do it in cinemas — much to the chagrin of the unfortunate fellow seated next to me.

But Elmo and Margotte did get the reaction they wanted to see. Fucking bloody hell. The movie was scary. Truth be told, this movie got me screaming more than any other movie. Especially that scene where Darry crawls inside the pipe… and lo and behold! RATS come running out and into Justin’s face. WOOH. WOOH. WOOH. Well, being deathly afraid of rats, you can only imagine the screams I made. Definitely not music to anyone’s ears (Except for Elmo’s and Margotte’s).

All in all, today was a productive day. The dog-days of summer are coming to a close and I’m glad to soak up on the fun (the sun, not so much) as long as I possibly can. I do miss school (Nerd alert! Dork alert!) and can’t wait to go back to PWU… but for now, I live for the idle moments.

Until then.